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FAQs 1 RE: Coronavirus Funding from FED

FAQs 1 RE: Coronavirus Funding from FED SBA LOANS How much is the SBA lending to businesses? $1Trillion dollars will be loaned to the 7 million businesses being impacted by the Corona virus. How much can a business borrower? Loans will range from $200,000 up to $10 million dollars. The loan size may be lowered […]

Relief Funding Agents Needed

REMOTE OPPORTUNITY THE GOVERNMENT HAS EARMARKED OVER $2TRILLION DOLLARS TO BAIL OUT THE 7 MILLION BUSINESSES THAT HAVE BEEN IMPACTED BY THE CORONA VIRIUS. WE need RELIEF FUNDING AGENTS NOW! This is a safe Work from Home position. Please join us today and every day for a free online seminar. Commissions will range from $2,000 […]