Small Business Relief Funding

Hi7 Capital a Charlotte, NC based lender, in conjunction with a newly formed web site will be helping business owners in need with the onerous process of understanding and applying for this new type SBA emergency loan.  There are 7 million businesses being affected by the Corona Virus pandemic, small and large. 

Get Government was formed in response to the overwhelming need to get accurate and timely information to small business owners on one single web site dedicated exclusively to SBA relief monies.

The goal beyond information is to help with applications, expedite the approval process, and deploy financial assistance in scale and quickly. 

In addition, Get Government Money will need thousands of Work from Home independent agents to offer and handle what will be a massive influx of applications.  Many of the jobs being lost can be replaced by this opportunity. 

For more information please call 704-765-9560 or go to to receive updates on the fast changing requirements to receive small business relief.  

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